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About tcbalance

More than 10% of chronic diseases are due to undesired/pathogenic immune response with high impact for patients and society (>120 bn EUR/a direct health costs alone in EU). Conventional therapy leaves many problems unresolved and usually requires lifelong immunosuppression, which is associated with numerous side effects and high costs, and thus carries a high unmet medical need.

tcbalance develops a sustainable therapy concept that could have the potential to revolutionize the current treatment strategy for such diseases by restoring the immune balance through natural peacemakers called regulatory T cells (Treg).

Using a most innovative modular technology platform for generating and applying innovative Treg products, tcbalance targets a path forward from autologous bridging therapies towards allogenic “off-the-shelf” products for multiple immune diseases.

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Modular Technology Platform

A core element of tcbalance's story is based on the robust and effective expansion and generation of multitasking Treg by applying our unique “modular block building” system — this is believed to accelerate and de-risk the clinical development of Treg therapy for various medical indications.

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Research & Clinical Cooperation

tcbalance drives an agile development approach that is based on close interaction between academic research and clinical development. Our approach carries the potential of achieving fast and flexible clinical “proof of concept”.

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Founders and Team

Our team brings together extensive expertise in Teff/Treg-cell manufacturing and clinical application, gene editing, high-end cell product specification, biomarker profiling, as well as business leadership by the founders and the teams behind.


Scientific principle

Conventional therapeutic approaches to immune diseases, regardless of whether they are aimed at broad immunosuppression with numerous side effects (e.g., risk of tumors, infections, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes) or specifically inhibit individual pathogenic signaling molecules, generally do not allow readjustment of the shifted immune balance. This reduces the sustainability of these approaches, and often subsequently require a long, often lifelong treatment. Regulatory T cells (Treg) are a small subpopulation of T cells and have the task of attenuating undesired and excessive immune reactions — without Treg we are not able to survive.

However, partial under-numbering and/or under-functioning can also lead to insufficiently balanced and undesired immune responses such as in autoimmunity, transplant rejection, graft-versus-host diseases, hyperinflammation, and unwanted reactions against gene therapy drugs. Numerous data generated worldwide from preclinical model systems show that cell therapy with activated Treg may lead to impressive and lasting therapeutic effects. First early clinical studies confirm the feasibility and safety of such a cell-based therapy and provide promising hints for sustainable effectiveness (e.g., Roemhild et al. BMJ 2020).

Strategic Goals

“off-the-shelf” Allogeneic Multitasking Treg Products

Stepwise proof and implementation of modular building block with bridging products on the path to the ultimative goal: off-the-shelf allogeneic multitasking Treg products.

Modular Elements

Advanced Technology

Modular building block

  • Engrafment
  • Survival
  • Specificity
  • Synergy with temporary Standard-of-Care

Our Team

The tcbalance Founders

The founders of tcbalance have, alltogether, more than 50 years of experience in the area.

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Prof. Dr. Olaf Weber

More than 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry

Previous SVP and Head R&D / Medical Affairs for Bayer Radiology; former CFO / Head of Finance Bayer Radiology

Adjunct Professor; Medical Faculty, University of Bonn

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Prof. Dr. Hans-Dieter Volk

Professor of Immunology at Charité since 1994

Multipe honors and awards including Humboldt Prize

Member of the leadership team at Einstein Center for Regenerative Therapies

Authored and co-authored 800+ scientific publications

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Prof. Dr. Petra Reinke
CMO & Head of Clinical Development & Cell Therapy Manufacturing

Professor of Medicine at Charité since 2000

Founding Director and Head of the Berlin Center for Advanced Therapies at Charité

Published more than 350 scientific papers

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Dr. Dimitrios L. Wagner
Head of Research & Preclinical Development

Regarded expert in immunotherapies and gene editing technologies

Heads R&D at the Berlin Center for Advanced Therapies (BeCAT), Charité

Committee member in the American Society for Cell and Gene Therapy


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